Trying Bon Echo

I've been getting tired of Firefox hanging frequently on my Mac but couldn't switch to alternatives like Camino because, as a developer, I need a browser with widest third-party support (like Silverlight plug-in). So when I ran across a comment suggesting Bon Echo as a possible solution to a similar problem Fred Wilson was suffering from, I decided to give it  a try.
This post is intended to help people find Bon Echo because googling turned up only old versions. You should be aware that:

  1. Bon Echo is a build of Firefox supposedly optimized for OS X.
  2. Bon Echo versions are slightly behind that of main Firefox versions (latest Bon Echo version is while the latest Firefox is

First point is essential to me because I can use existing Firefox configuration as-is. You will have to delete though. Hopefully, the second point will be resolved when Bon Echo becomes more popular.