Bloggers are Ants

"For instance, a colony of ants can collectively find out where the nearest and richest food source is located, without any individual ant knowing it. In experiments, a food source is separated from the nest by a bridge with two branches, one of which is longer. The shorter branch is most likely to be selected by the colony. This is because the ants lay and follow chemical trails: individual ants lay a chemical substance, a pheromone, which attracts other ants. The first ants returning to the nest from the food source are those that take the shorter path twice (from the nest to the source and back). Nest mates are recruited toward the shorter branch, which is the first to be marked with pheromone." [from Swarm Intelligence: An Interview with Eric Bonabeau]

Bloggers are ants.  Blogspace is a massive ant colony.  Like ants, bloggers roam the Web in search of information (food) and lay articles and links (pheromone trails) for other bloggers (ants) to follow.