Python News

Chandler 0.1 – Chandler is Mitch Kapor's open source Its-Not-An-Outlook-Killer written using Python.  This is the first release.  Here is what Mitch has to say about the release.

"The first release of Chandler, release 0.1 is now available! While we're still very early in the design and implementation process, we intend for this 0.1 release to make us a more fully open project. We have made the release available for download, opened up our bug tracking database, and opened our source code repository. We have also spent quite a bit of time in the past few weeks focusing on improving our code and documentation." – Mitch Kapor's Weblog

Twisted 1.0.4 – Twisted is a python framework for network applications.  This version features a few optimizations, drastically less buggy GUI reactors, fixes for several Perspective Broker bugs, a bit more documentation, and the customary extra helping of internet carries a hint of Washington D.C. cherry-blossom scent.

Lupy 0.1.3a – Lupy is a port of Lucene from Java to Python.  This version fixes a few bugs and adds Unicode related changes.