Daily Pointers

Daily Pointers is just that, brief pointers to interesting blog articles for that day.  Most of "Dave" blog entries are daily pointers, but I am not setup to do that.  So I'll bunch these little pointers into a single article updated throughout the day.  Let me know if this annoys you.

Ross Mayfield drew a simply wonderful diagram showing the Dynamics of a Blogsphere Story at a glance.

Tim Bray revisits history of RDF, spells out its problems, and issues a challenge.  It's a classic Tim Bray: nice and snappy.  Although I don't think his RPV syntax is much better than the RDF syntax, just marginally better, I enjoyed these comments:

  • The RDF version [of RSS] is harder to read, harder to write, and doesn't offer enough payback to make this worthwhile.
  • I don't know how to fix the no-killer-apps problem, but I'm pretty sure it's not worth trying until we fix the uglified-syntax problem.

The design of upcoming TypePad looks pretty nice.


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