Accupuncture: Rat’s View

I got my second accupuncture treatment for my stuffy nose this morning.  They were overbooked so the doctor used much shorter needles which allowed me to go home right away.  Looking down my nose, I now got a rat's view of the world.  Driving home with eight short needles stuck to my nose was weird, but it was worth it.

Is accupuncture effective for stuffy nose?  Heck, yeah.  I can now keep my windows open and take deep satisfying breaths.  You have to find a good accupunturist though.  There are too many quacks out there.

If I had the time, I want to learn accupuncture.  Imagine being stranded in a paradise of an island, bursting with food, flower, beautiful girls, and a bad case of pollen allergy.  With accupuncture skill, I just need a few needles to treat most minor illnesses.