I just noticed AlwaysOn, a entrepreneurial blog community (aka Insider's Network) started by Tony Perkins, founder of now defunct Red Herring.  Beside its bright Gap Kids colors and difficult-to-even-focus gray text, something is really off at AlwaysOn.  No, I don't mind the top ad banner that much and I find their ad pop-up with no-more-popup-for-today button cute in a clueless way.

What is with their Grudge Match poll anyway?  Marc Benioff apparently has a more popular head than Thomas Siebel.  So what?  It's not even funny.  If you want funny, put up two famous headshots and give people a dart to throw at them.  Whoever gets more darts wins the Evil-Head award.

I think there is something wacky and tacky behind AlwaysOn that remind me of the Bubble era.  It has an annoying buzz that won't go away.  Celebrity Bloggers and Insider's Network sure doesn't help either.  I really enjoyed reading Red Herring from the very first issue, but I can't say the same for AlwaysOn.  Maybe Tony should go see the Wizard to find his way back home.

Update: A few more complaints:

  • By-Invitations-Only community – If you are not important you don't get in.  This is so not Blogland.
  • Registration Fetish – It's as silly as having to register to go to the restroom.

I think AlwaysOn is not beyond repair, but Tony has to more than just remodelling.