RDF Syntax, Killer Apps, and Intellectual Diaphragm

Tim Bray goes further into RDF syntax problems to address issues raised in response to his recent post on the topic.  "Dave" thinks the problem is more serious than just syntax:

"But without a compelling app, or even better, a killer app, to pull it through, it doesn't matter what the format is….Anyway, I don't see any killer apps in the RDF crowd."Dave Winer

My position lies somewhere between Tim and Dave's positions.  Trying to build a killer app with RDF is somewhat like sculpting with Jello, difficult.  Still, I have been surprised many times in the past by what people can do with very little.

One lucky guy or gal out of millions of non-RDF gurus out there might have the right stuff to pull it off.  Trouble is, the RDF syntax is preventing RDF killerapps from being conceived like some intellectual diaphragm.