Family News

My father, well into his 70s, was mentioned in an OhmyNews article (in Korean language; my father is the one wearing sunglasses in the photo) for demanding a public apology from Kim Young-Sam, a former Korean President.  My father is known to outside Korean political circle as Grandfather Egg (rough translation) because he egged Kim Young-Sam three years ago.  I admire my father's energy.  Go Daddy Go!

This is a good example of the new citizen-reporter driven media's power.  This article was reported by a citizen reporter and contains substantial detail, something which mainstream journalists would not have had the time nor space to report on.

Another key change brought by the new media is increased longetivity of public attention.  News reported by citizen reporters live on far longer than news reported by professionals because each story is personal to the citizen reporter and he can dedicate far more time than his professional coutnerpart.  News can go on for months or years before and after the public notices.

This will make a significant impact on countries like Korea where even its citizens admit to having an unusually short attention-span.  Politicians frequently took advantage of this by flushing stories they don't want off the frontpage with some other 'frontpage worthy' news.  But now, they are helpless.  I mean, what are you gonna do when a story just refuses to die?