Weblogs are important part of although one needs to stroll around a bit to find them.  I usually go here to find new articles.  Here are two articles worthy of mention this week:

In Whats up with the JavaSound team?, Jonathan Simon discovers that entire JavaSound team split a while back and now there is just one hardworking guy wearing many hats.

This is ridiculous on a number of levels! How does Sun expect to put out a decent product with a single guy responsible for all of JavaSound? Also, the code was poorly designed to begin with, and Florian can't even really change it! So whats left is a really buggy, poorly designed library that is on every Java enabled PC!

Michael Champion, an old compadre from XML-DEV, answers the question "When does SOAP add value over simple HTTP+XML?" and concludes with:

It's just as "wrong" to blindly reject SOAP as to blindly accept. it.


p dir=”ltr”>Right on, Michael.