HTML With Just Five Tags and CSS

Read about Don Ulrich's adventure into HTML and CSS jungle that resulted in a client-side XSL stylesheet able to render his XML documents into fast loading HTML pages using just five tags: <div>, <span>, <a>, <img>, and <hr>.  His XSL stylesheet is here (.XSL).  Neato.

"A while back you pointed to Adventcode and myself [Fireball as a Candle]. You spoke of CSS style coflicting with CSS design. The conversation was about CSS Zen Garden and the inability to read it. I took what you said as a challange to use CSS a tool for construct while maintaining style. AdventCode now uses just 5 HTML tags and CSS to control the XML/XSL output. It is very fast. Using a minimum of HTML tags also allowed me to tighten up the content. Thank You for the encourgement. Yes CSS can do more than look pretty. It can also control content." – Don Ulrich by e-mail.