Blog-aware Spambots and Blog Security Vulnerability

Recently, I have been getting spams with subject lines containing words I have used in my blog posts.  These spams arrive within hours of a blog posting.  If this is being done by a spambot, it seems to be using words I used to retrieve or build a short sentence.  For example, within an hour of posting "Just for Fun", I received a spam with "What are you doing for fun?" as subject.

I think bloggers open a window of security vulnerability each time a blog entry is posted.  Blogs provide hackers with enough information about the people, relationship, and context of each interactions between bloggers to attempt break-in via social engineering.  For example, if I wrote about something Marc Canter has written and then receive an e-mail with attachment from 'Marc Canter', I am more likely to open the attachment than an e-mail from "Mary Joe Slapfinger" out of the blue.