Dear Dave,


Assuming that you are calm down now and it is my turn, I would like to give you a sermon.  I am posting on my blog because you didn't return my recent e-mails.  Don't be surprised if it comes at an angle you didn't expect for I have had this thought for a while now.


Where the f**k do you get off asking questions like "Who is Ben Trott?"


Ben is just a guy who was doing what he liked to do and voicing his opinions timidly like everyone else.  I gave him my feedback for his own good and not for your benefit.  He did a good job with MT and now he got something going with Six Apart.  I don't know him and I don't care if ever do.  I have met you several times and I liked most of your personalities except the part where you tear people apart by asking condescending questions like you did with Dave and criticizing friends for having their own f**king opinions.


Dave, what do people have to do to have opinions of their own and still be your friend or have a civilized conversation with you?  Is there some unknown minimum requirement?  Knowing you, I don't think so.  Being pissed off out of your mind is no excuse to tear apart people like you did.  Is RSS that f**king important to the world?  I don't think so.


If Ben is a nobody, so are you for no one cares for people who will sacrifice people over technology.  RSS is like that cherry on top of the ice cream.  People would like to have it, but are not willing to lick the floor to get it.


Turn back the dials on your pissed-off meter, sit back on your chair, and show the world that you are worthy of our respect for you, Dave.


PS: Don't poking the Selfish Pig again.