Intellectual Blindness

How we interpret what we read is subject to our biases.  At the extreme, total blindness occurs, fabricating something entirely different.  I am no exception and had many embarrasing moments when such blindness strikes.

Yesterday, it happened to Sam Ruby.  Upon reading Rogers Cadenhead's description of SSF activities in which he wrote that his goal was to develop a new specification from scratch, Sam concluded that Roger was developing a new protocol from scratch even after going back and checking to make sure.

Human mind continues to amaze me in how it works and I am left to wonder what evolutionary purpose these type of blindness serves.  Other than suffering from occasional intellectual blindness like Sam, I suffer from inability to see things right in front of me.  It usually happens when I open the refrigerator looking for something to eat.

Another weird thing is that I seem to organize things far differently than my wife.  She likes to store things in pre-assigned locations.  I tend to just remember the location where I see things last.  This train of thought begs me to ask this question:

Will there be Men and Women versions of Longhorn?

Update: This is my theory on the differences in the way men and women organize things: women change location, men remembers location.  When luxurious caves were popular, women usually stayed near the cave and stored food in the cave.  Since caves are finite in space, they had to organize storage efficiently.

Meanwhile, men had to travel long distances to catch animals which means travelling lightly and having to memorize locations and distinguish directions reliably.  So, women move things to organize while men just notes where things are and move on.  Is this too simple?