Freaky Inventions out of Korea

I often tell my friends that I am too inventive for my own good.  Here are some too inventive ideas from Xeno Freaks, Inc in Korea [via Suman Park via Cyflux].  These webpages are in Korean language, but pictures are sufficient to communicate the freaky ideas being presented.

Xeno Freaks ARS (Anus Recognition System)

Biometric authentication technology of a different kind.  You can find more pictures at the ARS web page, but don't go there just before or after a meal.

Could be a brisk seller if it checked health-related problems as well.  Probably not appropriate where there are many absent-minded professor types.

Xeno Freaks Self-Rechargeable Mobile Phone

Every time you dial, you are charging your phone's battery.  I love rotary phones!