Odd Nods

When I wake up each day is a special moment for me.  As consciousness seeps back into my brain like someone returning home from a daily vacation, I often find odd pieces of thoughts.

I am neither gay nor religious, but their issues are interesting to me because they are so complex.  I must have peeled away much of the issues in my sleep this morning because I was woke up with this seemingly clear and amusing understanding of what religious people are basically saying:

Gays are misusing the product designed by God.

Does the customer have the right to misuse, abuse, or even destroy products?  Answer is yes for me.  I don't care if Steve Jobs hand-assembled an iMac just for me.  If I own it, I can do whatever with it and damn the warranty.  This raises the following question:

Am I bought or leased?

If I am just leasing, I can't misuse the product.  Religious people seems to be saying that we are all leased from God.  As for me, I don't care because the supposed owner hasn't pounded on my door asking for rent yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed thinking about these things this morning, enough to wake up with a smile.