Virus Storms

I got pelted by about 20 SoBig.F virus laden e-mail on Friday.  This morning, I got 20 more and the storm continues where it left off Friday.  Since other people are having a much harder time than I am, I guess I am sitting in a nice quiet paranoid patch of the online social network.

Everybody will learn to live with waves of virus storms like the way they deal with real world showers and storms.  Hmm.  I wonder Yahoo will do Virus Forecasts along side Weather Forecasts?

BTW, if you sent me e-mail and I haven't replied, chance is good that it got thrown out in my daily pile of spam and virus.  As a last resort, you might try leaving me a comment to one of my recent blog posts or post a blog of your own referencing my blog so I can find it via trackback or Technorati.