Pipe Organ with One Thousand Keys

I frequently think about human mind works because I am always looking for a better handle on my own.  A better handle in real term is a good model.  My latest model is a pipe organ with a thousand keys.  BTW, one thousand is just a number I picked.

Imagine a huge pipe organ with a row of just ten keys.  Each key represents a part of a mind and pressing it evokes thoughts or emotions.  Since it's a pipe organ, pressure matters.  Now replace the row of keys with a table of 100 keys.  Easy so far.  Take one more step and imagine 10 stacks of keys.  Now you have a cube of 1000 keys.  At this point, you have to lose rest of the organ, and keep just the keys.

Keys on the outside of the cube are pressed by what goes on outside the mind.  Pressing a key cause other other keys within the cube to be pressed, creating a sequence of notes and cords of thoughts, a music of sort.  Some relationships between keys are inherent, but most are learned.  Relationship also depends on the amount of pressure applied to a key and what keys were pressed before.

It doesn't really matter whether this model is valid or not.  What matters is what new music it will play as I hold the model in my mind.  At this moment, I am playing a slightly funky music in my head.