Virtual Protest Ring Tone

In response to my RFID in Efficient Government post, Shawn of TextAmerica (no last name, probably Shawn Honnick) mentioned Stop RFID Moblog, a site for organizing a "virtual protest" around an actual protest taking place on 9/16 in Chicago.

Nice thought except the planned "virtual protest" seems rather wimpy.  Stop RFID Moblog suggests this:

Those of you who who cannot be there due to time and travel constraints can participate by protesting locally and sharing your protest sentiments virtually, right here.

Please email your anti-RFID protest photos and comments to this site via Please also send a copy to us at the following email address:

Like I said, well intended but whimpy as a protest nor an attention getter.  I guess all those Think Different billboards Steve Jobs put up were wasted.

If I was organizing it, I would create a Virtual Protest Ring Tone, something that say something about the protest, a jingle or a chant, whatever.  Let people show their support by downloading it and installing it on their cellphones so people around the supporters will notice and ask

Why does your phone say STOP RFID instead of ringing?

Then every phonecall received turns into an opportunity to further the cause.  Charge for the ring tone if the cause is worthy and in need of money.  For TextAmerica, it would generate publicity and encourage meaningful use of ring tones.


p class=”textarea” dir=”ltr”>An obvious variation is "Howard Dean for President" ring tone.  Oh, well.  I am sure Howard has plenty of helpers to tell him about it.