BloggerCon 2003

"Dave" is going all out to turn BloggerCon 2003 into a major event for not only bloggers, but also politicians.  Check out his plan for a monster BOF on blog tools in Day 2 of BloggerCon.  Maybe even Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw will make a surprise audience to see how bloggers are impacting 2004 Presidential Election.

Yesterday, I had the urge to hop on the Howard Dean wagon.  It's not that I like Howard Dean.  I hardly know the man and what he stands for.  I just want Bush out of the White House and Howard Dean looks like best bet at this point.  Thankfully, I stopped myself by banging my head against the wall.

Besides, I feel that I already contributed with the Virtual Protest Ring Tone idea.  I doubt Bush will use the idea but I can see people sharing "Bush, You are Outta There!" ring tones.