Human Body Online

My thoughts on Virtual Memorial prompted me to revisit 3D graphics engines. 

Commercial 3D graphics engines are just too numerous for me to keep track of although most seem to agree that Id's Doom III engine and Epic's UnrealEngine2 represent state of art as of now.

While there are many open source 3D graphics engines, I thought these four stood out:

Nebula Device (Home, SourceForge, Wiki, Review, MIT License)

Crystal Space (Home, SourceForge, Review, LGPL)

ORGE (Home, SourceForge, Review, GPL)

I found no impressive screenshots to include, send me one.

Tenebrae (Home, SourceForge, GPL)

Tenebrae is a version of open source Quake engine with enhancements (stencil shadows and per-pixel lights) similar to those made by Id for Doom III.  While I doubt it is as good as the Doom III engine, visuals are stunning.

Needless to say, 3D graphics technology has advanced a great deal recently.  Still, if you look at the screenshots, you'll notice that the focus is on rendering bodies within buildings and landscapes.  As the title of this post indicate, I am more interested in bodies within bodies.

Like the classic movie Fantastic Voyage, I think a human body makes a great virtual world.  To do this, the 3D graphics engine must be able handle lots of curves because there are no straight lines inside a human body.  There are other complications too like lighting and tearing.

Imagine moving around inside a body to learn about how human body works.

Imagine getting a MRI and then exploring it from inside.

Imagine looking at your unborn child from within your wife's body.

Imagine doing surgery with tiny robots mimicking your actions as you do the same within the body.

Fantasic Voyage indeed.