Infinite Tolerance

I knew the numbers but I just now realized what the numbers really meant.  Only 10% or less of e-mails I get daily are legitimate e-mails.  90% are spams and viruses.


I agree with Jon Udell that RSS is not a replacement for e-mails and that e-mail has special powers, but e-mail infrastructure is clearly broken.

As noted by some, SpamBayes tend to throw e-mails written in non-English language into the spam pile.  The other day, my little spirit-brother (brother not of birth) in Korea called me to ask why I haven't responded to his e-mail.  I told him it was SpamBayes' fault.  He said Huh?

Exactly what is going on here?  Infinite tolerance?  What we waiting for before some drastic actions are taken?  1%?  0.1%?