Python, Perl, mod_perl

First half of today was great, sitting outside with my tentative partner and brainstorming for three hours with my wife supplying food and drink.  Then I dove into Apache/Python integration options like mod_python (urgh) and mod_snake (dead).

Discouraged by what I saw, I spent the next three hours setting up mod_perl.  Installation is straight forward except the docs I found skipped an important step, so I wound up going around in circles until I found the missing step and filled in the blanks.

mod_perl worked for a few minute, then my IE started acting weird like trying to download my test Perl script instead of serving what it generated.  Firebird didn't have any problem though.  Restarted everything and it's working again.  Maybe it was a mistake to install version 2.0 instead of stable 1.0.  Anyway, I'll have to reconfigure Apache to prevent script files from being served.  Sheesh.

I am moving on to installing AxKit so I can play with it tonight.  Meanwhile, I got O'Reilly's mod_perl book in tiny my Safari bookshelf to read over dinner.  I am hoping that my Perl allergy stays dormant.  I wonder how much trouble it would be to compile Python into Perl bytecode?


Don't you just love getting stuck in the open source house of cards?  I deferred playing with AxKit in favor of Mason which is supposedly in use by Amazon and Salon.  Woohoo, I said.  I already had Apache2 and mod_perl2 installed so I should be able to drop Mason on top and play, I said.

To make the long story short, I ended up ripping out everything I installed and still ended up destroying Apache2 installation over trouble with mod_perl2, Apache::Request, and libapreq modules.  Why did I go with mod_perl2?  Because mod_perl1 doc basically said I should use mod_perl2 for Win32.

Overall, it was a fun day.