Being a Smoker in California

I am a smoker and being a smoker in California is quite an experience.  After reading that Russell's number one reason for moving back to California is smokeless working environment, I wrote this comment which I post here for your daily dose of chuckles.

It's great being a smoker in California, exciting ride down elevators to stand out side with fellow smokers in the rain, socializing and bonding across hierarchies and organizations.

You get great exercise too. There you are standing outdoor, away from people and buildings, enjoying the peace and quiet moment of exile and *wham* you get jumped by a pregnent woment with five children in tow. With the reflex of a raggedy rabbit, you dodge away from them all knowing that a single mistake can take away minutes or even hours from their lives. Whew. Another heroic act performed, saving lives of innocent people.

California is full of superheros like me. Hmm. Maybe I should get a Malboro cape and matching pair of tights.