Differences and Similarities

I woke up this afternoon after 14 hours of sleep, crash of a pleasant kind, with this question:

Is it better to see differences ahead of similarities?

I tend to see differences first and then examine the similarities, often times over a long period of time, forming a spiral of thoughts, leaving a sense of same but different, just as I see people's lives and markets moving in spiral columns.  If I see the similarities first, then I would not be moving at all and form a straight line just as a piece of rock would make a straight line in time.  Hogwash?  Maybe, maybe not.

Are blogs just diaries or web pages?  Is social software just hype covered groupware?  I think the answers depends on whether one sees differences before similarities.

Financial Services

Yesterday, I had a nice talk with Scott Loftessness and Russ Jones, of Glenbrook Partners, about how weblog and syndicated data technologies will change the landscape of financial services in the near future.  It was one of those productive talks that helped clarify our visions.  Maybe it was the stress of the clarity that caused me to sleep too much, like when I get a new pair of glasses and see everything near and far in sharp focus.

Sharing Pictures and Toons with One-liners

Every picture tells a story.  False.  Every picture tells different stories to different people.  Why not let them share what they heard?

Imagine a blog where a post is just a picture or toon with nothing else but a form that looks like the comment entry form.  Readers of such a blog either looks at the picture and writes the story the picture tells them or copy a picture with a story they like to their own blog to share with others.

We got blogosphere equivalent of daily cartoons.  Little mind snacks.  If this doesn't blow your mind, you have my condolence.