What is wrong with blogosphere

The problem with blogosphere is that it's all too personal, particularly at the ozone layer.  I like practically everyone in it but often it's difficult to post things without giving off unintended bad vibes.  When I have an opinion, I have to say it like I have to fart when I have gas.  But letting one loose can cloud up the room and you know that blogosphere is a really big room where you can't pretend it's someone else.

While some might deny it or might not even be aware of it, there are definitely cliques to which people and even companies belong to or are associated with by themselves or by others.  When I say something negative about something one of them did, I am doing so as if I would offer an advice to a friend, but it's often seen as if I am attacking the clique as a whole.  Even worse, I feel as if I did.