National Virus Defense System

Got up at 2pm after 14 hours of sleep to make up for 30 hours of demo preparation.  I feel rested but it's the kind of restful feeling one gets lying on the asphalt and lookup at the blue sky after getting hit by a truck.  I never been in such an accident but I was in a head-on motocycle collision when I was young and found myself in a slow-mo flying through the air scene.  I think the middle and the end part of an accident is a very tranquile place to be.  No pain, no fear, just watching things happen.  Weird.

One of the first news item I read was this Wired piece on the national missile defense system which prompted me to wonder if we'll ever have a national virus defense system along with virus tax levied against companies whose vulnerabilities are used by virus found at the 'wall'.  E-commerce tax is not popular among netizens, but I think taxing to improve the Net and to encourage better software and services might find more favorable support among netizens.