I have been thinking about popular P2P networks and how slow and frustrating they can be when the file you want is large or rare.  My conclusion is that current P2P networks cannot be scaled to share large resources in timely fashion without some fundamental changes in the way they work.

One such change is P2P2P (Pay to P2P).  This idea is to use money to make P2P Wishlist more compelling.  If I want something, I share that 'wish' along with 'bid' price on P2P networks.  People with files others are interested in, finds the 'wishes' they can fill at the price they want.

In reality, all this takes place automatically and the prices are not price of the goods but price of time.  If you want it 'now', it will cost you more than if you wanted it sometime between next 36 hours.  Quality of goods also matters but that is taken care of by a rating system.

The neat thing about P2P2P can support streaming such as movies-on-demand or live video of concerts easily where current P2P systems can't.  It could encourage enterprising individuals to become TSP (Timely Service Providers) by setting up a few servers and hustle to serve valuable files and streams to people who are willing to pay for time.

A: You want to see a movie?
B: What's available?
A: Fred's On-Demand has Bambi for $5 at 7PM, $3 at 9PM, and $1 after midnight.  Hmm.  Some guy named Chuck is offering to stream Bambi off his laptop for a dollar at 7:24PM.