RSA Buys PassMark Security

Like an old dog, I knew something was coming. I sniffed the air and smelled a buyout. RSA has been in a buyout mood lately which placed them on the top of the short list of suspects.

Well, the news came Friday and announced Monday which means that, for disclaimer sake, RSA Security is a client of mine and I own RSA stock. Size of the deal was rather disappointing but liquidity is always welcome.

It's funny how Cyota keeps popping up in my professional life. Cyota was the main competitor of PassMark. While I was with Arcot Systems, guess who it's main competitor was? Cyota got bought out by RSA and here we are in the same basket. Like Bill Harris commented this afternoon, authentication business is like a small neighborhood of sort. Desperate Housewives? LOL

Anyway, I am not sure I'll be with RSA for long though because I prefer fast little companies doing interesting things. Although I now prefer mini-vans over sports cars, I guess I am still a thrill seeker.