Looks like blogosphere topic of the day seems to be Amanda Congdon leaving RocketBoom. Hmm. How the heck does one link to a TechMeme article/link-collection?

She is pretty alright but, frankly, I never enjoyed her videocasts because pretty girls making funny faces all the time like Jim Carey is not attractive to me. She has talent and zillions of fans though so I think she'll land on her feet famously within days, maybe a co-starring role with Jim Carey himself. She'll have to choose between the videocasting business and the movie industry though.

I wish her luck. Update: well, after reading this I don't think she deserve any good luck wishes from me. Tsk tsk. I would also advise Scoble and Jason to stay clear because I think her irresponsible unboomed videocast will create quite a mess that could take the shine off her fame real soon.