I've been tinkering with .NET 3.0 today. At first, I've installed the July CTP but, because it lacked Visual Studio integration, I've settled on the June CTP.

Here is a question for XAML experts out there: how do I display HTML inside a XAML panel? The HTML fragment I want to display is from an XmlDataProvider and there is no URI for the fragment so I can't just drop in a Frame and set the Source with a URI. I can drop a WebBrowser into the panel using code but I am asking if there is an XAML-only solution.

Update 1: Looks like there isn't a simple way to display HTML content in WPF-based UI. There seems to be no way to convince Frame to display arbitrary HTML fragment without a URI. Also, when URI to passed to a Frame to display an HTML page, the page's document model is hidden. A workaround is to use WindowsFormHost to embed WebBrowser (a Windows Forms control) but there seems to be some subtle problems with this approach. This is ridiculous given that HTML is the most popular content format today.