RESTed and Confused

It's good to see that web application frameworks are getting RESTful URL support but they are going about it in a way that invites unnecessary confusions and conflicts.
For example, Rails' RESTful URLs look like this:

GET /movie/1;edit = edit movie 1

POST /movie = create a movie

PUT /movie/1 = update movie 1

Meanwhile, Struts 2's Restful2ActionMapper maps URLs like this:

GET /movie/1!edit = edit movie 1

POST /movie/1 = update movie 1

PUT /movie/ = create a movie

Convention over configuration is nice but not if everyone is coming up with their own conventions. Can we start by choosing one method separator character and resolve confusions over POST vs PUT? It shouldn't take more than a few hour if all the suspects involved are rustled up one night.

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