XBox 360 for Online Banking

Wow. XNA Game Studio Express is finally here. With this free tool, one can write XBox 360 games and have it distributed by Microsoft online. I don't know what kind of non-game software can be developed with XNA Studio for XBox 360 but I think game consoles have the potential to be great application platforms. Since XBox 360 is pretty much locked down and Microsoft has full control over the electronic distribution of software for the console, it's an ideal environment to deploy and run secure home financial applications like online banking. No more worries about keyloggers and reliable email delivery through torrents of spam.
Anyway, that's the direction I would push if I was in charge. Use games and entertainment to grab the lionshare of secure customer-to-business relationships. Easy as pie and locked down tight like Alcatraz.
I think XNA Game Studio Express will have a huge impact on the business world as well as the ongoing game console war. Besides, it's a great excuse to get an XBox 360. I've been negotiating with my son to split 50/50 on the Wii console (to teach him financial responsibility and negotiating tactics, really!) but I think that talk will break down once my son finds out I am getting an XBox 360 for tinkering.
Why couldn't we do this a decade ago? I remember talking with Bruce Zweig eons ago about whether buying the development system for Trip Hawkin's 3DO console made sense or not. It was too expensive then but now free console development is a reality. Time sure flies…