Neuralizing Blogger Effect on Google

Scoble writes about advertisers pressuring Google to devalue webloggers, a Must-Read according to Dave.  I agree.  My own post (in March something) about the effects of blogs on Google PageRanking algorithm is here.

While I am a blogger, I want Google to either provide separate search service for blogs (maybe combine it with News) or reduce the weights for blogs.  PageRank bias for ndividual item or date pages don't seem to be too bad.  It's the main page that cause most of the problem because it:

  • changes too fast – by the time you find it on Google, previously indexed content is gone.
  • heavy with links unrelated to content – blogrolls, etc.
  • covers wide range of topics

One simple solution is for blog tool developers and services to voluntarily 'mark' main blog pages by adding a META tag with NOINDEX attribute by default.  This solution:

  • removes the need for Google to identify blog pages
  • is not Google-specific
  • works with Google as it is now
  • requires bloggers to intentionally unbalance PageRanking

I wish there was a standard way to do the same at block level to hide blogrolls on item or date pages, but this solution will do until W3C provides us with a way to specify NOINDEX at block-level.