Introducing Chaos to Social Software

I spent most of this morning shopping for a van (Sienna looks at this point).  Feeling drained, I checked my mailbox and found a LinkedIn invitation to connect from someone I don't think I know.  Since I don't have any LinkedIn connections (lazyness), I was glad.

After accepting the invitation, I pondered about what had just occured.  Someone looked me up and initiated the connection.  Cool, but I don't think enough people do that to make a significant impact on a social network.  At least, I am not likely to do it since I am socially lazy.  Yet I enjoy meeting new people.  If there was a way to make new connections lazily, it will make a monstrous impact on LinkedIn and other social software.

Introducing chaos, random connections in LinkedIn, to social software might do just that.  LinkedIn can estimate individual member's interest and simulate chance encounters by sending out mutual invitations to connect.  Different types of connections will have also have to be introduced to make this work.  LinkedIn members must have some control over the random connection feature so they can block it entirely or specify connection preferences.  I am not sure whether random connection feature is an opt-in or opt-out feature though.

While the idea of random LinkedIn connections is interesting, I am more excited about other uses of chaos in social software.  If you got some ideas, let me know.