Although I agree with Dave on the issue of funky RSS, I think he is misusing the word funky. When someone say something is funky, it means it is good in a weird way. Dave is using the word to mean weird in a bad way to be polite.  Here are some straight fast balls to clear up the confusion: RDF is f**ked up, MT is f**ked up, Six Apart is f**ked up.

Setting aside the question of who started what or where respect is due, causing unnecessary mess for others out of some political and idealogical reasons is f**ked up. Ultimately, blog readers don't give a hoot whether the blog feed is in RDF or RSS 2.0. Blog developers *do* care about how many *evolving* formats they have to support. You give me unasked for headaches, I give you my middle-finger salute.

IMHO, RSS 2.0 is not going to go away and RDF is far from being finished nor popularized. Aside from all this, Dave deserve far more respect than some script jockeys who prefers to argue like sea-lawyers while blinded to the fact that truth is not always at the end of a string of arguments and that most ideas, regardless of their beauty or simplicity, can't be stretched enough to match the complexity of reality over time.

Update: I just put stars (*) around the word 'evolving' to emphasize the seriousness of the differences yet to come and the price blog developers will have to pay each and every step of the way.  Eventually, some of us will refuse to pay that price and result in fractures that will penalize users as well.  *Urgh*  I just remembered that I still have a Sony Betamax recorder in the garage that my wife asks me about everytime she cleans the garage.

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