Good Grief, Charlie Brown

This afternoon, I ranted on Funky and then started to fiddle with it.  I sometimes do this when a post doesn't feel right.  After sitting on it over the evening, I decided to post it as is because I couldn't figure out a way to say things better.

Apparently, Dave thought so too.  While it is true that I don't need the grief, I don't need the stress of holding back what I think either.  It's not courage, it's being chickenshit about the health of my own mind at the expense of disturbing everyone else.  Six Apart is doing same thing except what they are doing can't be ignored like you can with me.

To put it in a confusing way, I don't care if the world ends or not, but I do care about my doing nothing about it.

BTW, try some NyQuil Dave.  Only thing bad about it is that you need a good excuse to drink it. <wink/>