Funkyness Illustrated

This is an attempt to remove the ongoing confusion over the funkyness I have accused MT and Six Apart of perpetuating.  I hope these examples will dispell any FUD hanging over us.





As you can see in these examples, funky RSS feeds replace common RSS tags with RSS 1.0 extensions.

Destruction is not extension nor innovation!

MT's default template generates these sort of funky RSS feeds.  If they didn't realize the problem before, they should have fixed it by now.  All they have done so far are public silences.

After watching Dave Winer and others struggle politely, I have used nastyness as a cutting edge to rip through the FUD and harmful silences.  Some might say my post was irresponsible, but I believe it served a purpose.  This problem can easily be fixed by Six Apart so I am still hopimg for peace breaking out soon.