On gaming

Reading Tim's On Not Being a Gamer reminded me my own gaming experiences.  Unlike him, I am a gamer which means I have to stay away from games.  I avoid MORPG games like Everquest and DAoC because I know I will lose too many hours to the game.  They are highly addictive and sucks real world life out of you, replacing it with online life, laughing and roaring all by myself in my office.  It affects work and family life.  Thankfully, it's less addictive than smoking.

Still I miss the online RPG world.  The pinnacle of MORPG's magic is when your party runs smack into deepsh*t as Tim illustrated with two screenshots.  The rush of emotions unleashed while watching your and your companion's health stats drop like stone and flashing by in various shades of red is difficult to match in real life.  Perhaps waking up to find 200% overnight gain on my Yahoo call options might come close in magnitude.

In games like that, true character of a person comes out.  There are some who would teleport out on the first hint of trouble.  Can't blame them if they are mages, but I have seen some tanks do that in my gaming days.  Occasionally, I would come across characters who would jump in just to give time for the companions to get away.  Those times are more powerful than watching a good war buddies movie.

Besides RPG, I like playing wargames, particularly WWII wargames.  I usually play the American or British side but the rush of blitzing with those excellent German tanks, Panthers especially, is enough to lure me into German side occasionally.

Damn it, Tim.  Now you got me itching for some blood and gore online action.