TypePad UI

Some information on TypePad's Template Builder UI has been released.  While it retains much of the first preview's clean design, it looks pretty complicated.  First problem is that there are two many levels, leading to nested tabs.

I would add some visual location hints.  Maybe a simplified upside down tree with colored branches and nodes showing where and how deep the page user is looking at.  Only the recently visited tree nodes should be labeled, leaving rest to show label on hover.  Each branch should be unique looking to allow users to identify it by shape.  Since number of tree images are finite and smart labelling can be done using client-side script, it should be cheap to implement.

The 'tree' provides not only a unique image for each page, but also an alternate means to navigation if the nodes are hyperlinked.  If similar simplified tree is used right side up for user web pages, then it all sort of fits together: tree for user pages, root for system pages.  Having a unique and easily identifiable image on each page means a lot to user experience.