While most blogs are readable and many are informative, very few are enjoyable.  I ran into one this morning as I was looking around to see if there are any good open source Java blog tools out there.  The short answer is No.

BileBlog is a Java blog, meaning it is all about Java, by an apparently anonymous Java programmer named fate.  If he isn't anonymous, he must have a mile thick skin because most, if not all, of his posts are ultra-strength rants, strong enough to peel golden paints off saints.  If you take a some good observations and valid complaints, mix with some amusing bullsh*t generalization, and wrap them in colorful analogies, you have a BileBlog post.

I enjoyed reading BileBlog because, despite all the unnecessary extras, fate's posts scratched many itchy spots I have about Java technologies.   If you are into Java, go check it out and see if it scratches some of your itchy spots.  If you are an open source Java programmer, be sure to wear some protection before wading into it.