Flame Warrior Trading Cards

Thanks to Clay Shirky, I found Mike Reed's Flame Warriors, ongoing attempt to classify participants of online discussions.  It's absolutely hillarious and illustrations are usually perfect.

Here is an example:

Big Dog and Me-Too

"Big Dog is a bully who doesn't hesitate to use his superior strength to intimidate other combatants. Big Dog may be smart, articulate or just plain mean, but in any case he is a remorseless fighter, brutally ripping into even the weakest of combatants. Once Big Dog securely fastens his powerful jaws on a hapless victim, Me-Too will join the attack. Me-Too is far too weak and insecure to engage in single combat, and must ally himself with Big Dog or a pack of other Warriors to bring down his quarry."

It's like a Online Behavior Pattern repository.  I wonder why there is no Idiot in the list though.