Cellphone Rescue Button

I visited #joiito IRC channel last night to chat.  During the chat, I started brainstorming about useful software for cellphones using mosquito vanquishing software from Korea as an example.  I started with a voice-recognition software that rings the cellphone when it recognizes a keyword.  Others like Roji-san joined in with on-command-recording of voice and video.

After I left, I realized that you don't even need fancy voice-recognition.  All you need is a cellphone with buttons and sound under software control.  To use your cellphone to make a Great Escape, just download a piece of yet-to-be-written software and set the delay time (let say 1 minute).  To use it, just put your hand into your pocket and press a button.  After 1 minute, the phone rings and you say "Excuse me, I have to take this.  [after ten seconds] I am sorry, I have to leave, it's an emergency."

Maybe not as innovative as mosquito vanquishing program, but useful to far wider audience.  I refreshed and upgraded my J2ME development tools today to prototype this.  Lots of fun on the way although I got a deadline looming that won't leave too many spare hours.