Next-App Button for Cellphones and PDAs

I had a couple of hours free last night, so started browsing through J2ME and Nokia docs to find what I needed to know to implement the Cellphone Rescue Button (in hindsight, I should have called it Fake Ring Button).  Guess what?  I can't implement it with J2ME.

Fake Ring Button is a very simple program.  It just waits for a specific button press and plays the ring tone after some preset delay.  Only tricky requirement is that it needs to be active all the time.  Unfortunately there is nothing in the J2ME docs that allows me to do this.

After thinking about the problem, I concluded that there is no need to change J2ME at all.  All I really need is a Next-App button on J2ME phones so that users don't have to bring up the list of midlets, scroll down to the one they want to use, and activate it to use the midlet.  With it, user's hand can memorize how many clicks is needed to run the Fake Ring midlet.

Next-App button would be useful on PDAs as well.  Two clicks to open my address book, scroll down to Mrs. Wong, and three clicks to make an appointment with her.  Bingo.

Next-App button is, IMHO, more effective than 'function' buttons with useless icons that take up more space and cost more money.  Instead of bring up your cellphone or PDAs and fiddle to get to the application you want to use, your thumb will click to your application as your hand is moving up.

Hmm.  Maybe the Next-App button can be the Power button…

Are there cellphones or PDAs that do this already?

Update #1: See the Appy post.