Walking on Asphalt River

Yesterday afternoon, I stood in my driveway and looked at the black asphalt road passing by my house.  I asked myself what if the asphalt was liquid and the road was a river.  What a river it is, flowing everywhere people live.  Six degrees of separation pale in comparison.

I imagined wading into the river up to my neck which awarded me with a smile.  Not a bad return for playing with imagination a little.  After spending a few more minutes picturing myself swimming in the road, I moved on to what I set out to do.  I walked onto the asphalt road.  Ahhh, there!  A flicker of amazement visits me.  I am walking on water!  With that, I walked safely back to my driveway with an even bigger smile.

There are things that amaze us, but amazement itself is entirely our own making.  What saddens me is how fast amazement fades into mundane.  Things, places, people, understanding — nothing escapes, all fading like photos left out in sunlight — flowers, mountains, Ferrari, Walkman, campfire, my son's little toes, all becomes mundane eventually.

So I am left with cheap thrills like the one I pulled yesterday.  I am still amazed with how stupid human mind is, but I am sure that will fade too.

I won't be able to blog for the next two days.  Find your own supply of amazements meanwhile.