Ross Mayfield on Socialtext Difference

In my Bleeding Edge of Wiki-Blog Hybrids post, I wrote:

There is also Socialtext, of course, but I don't know what differentiates their commercial Wiki implementation from popular free open source Wiki implementations other than service.  Perhaps Ross or Peter can explain.

Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext, responded by explaining how Socialtext's commercial product is different from open source wikis in Commercial and Open Source Alternatives.

  1. Simpler and easier to use
  2. Fully integrated wiki & weblog
  3. Administration capabilities
  4. Support for multiple workgroups
  5. Extensions
  6. Integration with enterprise systems
  7. Secure hosted service
  8. Optional Appliance deployment
  9. Service & Support

In closing, he wrote:

We don't compete against open source alternatives, we compliment them.


p dir=”ltr”>While appreciate Ross's response, most of the difference he pointed out are what I expect from commercial products.  I would like to understand #1-5 in detail.  I guess the bottom line question is: how does Socialtext differ from taking TWiki and adding #6-9?