RFID in Efficient Government

After reading News.com's Retail takes stock of radio tags article, I wondered what the US government might be doing with RFID to stem waste in government.  US government is monsterously wasteful, particularly the military, and could potentially benefit from using the RFID technology.  I doubt today's RFID tags can be placed in each bullet or even artillery shell, but other items should be tagged and accounted for.

Same goes for the medical and insurance industries.  Knowing the location and quantity of medical supplies matters to hospitals.  Knowing where insured objects are matters to a insurance company.

What about the waste management business?  I could see RFID information collected by garbage trucks being valuable to some one.  This brings up the idea of RFID information market.  In the future, RFID data harvesters will not necessarily be the RFID tag planters.  If information has value, it can be sold and a market is needed.

Speaking of RFID, I recently found out that "Dave"'s younger brother Peter Winer is deeply into RFID.  Peter is CEO of Big Chief Partners, Inc, a RFID expertise provider.

Hey, Peter.  Restart your blog so we can all learn about RFID.