Ten XForms Engines

If you are interested in future web technologies, read Ten Favorite XForms Engine article to get a snapshot of current XForms landscape.

While XForms has unusually large number of implementations at draft stage, I have little hope for XForms replacing DHTML.  Benefits of XForms are not compelling for most web applications and there are complications that prevent wide deployment as a web technology.

Server-side implementations hide XForms behind other readily deployable technologies by generating instance-specific DHTML from XForms.  Unfortunately, this approach alienates web designers and hands-on-the-metal developers who likes to have full control over DHTML.

Client-side implementation can be either installable or zero-footprint.  Install approach has the obvious distribution problem.  Zero-footprint approach, typically implemented as Java applets, Flash movie, or general DHTML-based engine often result in usuability problems such as forms loading slowly or sluggish UI.

I still think XForms can be of value in niche markets, but I see little chance of it taking off in horizontal markets unless Microsoft builds a XForms engine into IE, basically same story as SVG.  I mean what compelling incentives are there for Amazon, eBay, or Yahoo to deploy XForms?