Atom’s use of PUT and DELETE

I have been against the use of PUT and DELETE in the Atom API.  My reasoning is that PUT and DELETE support is spotty and use is rare which means they are not as proven as GET and POST.  Another concern I had was that those who were pushing for PUT and DELETE weren't looking at all sides of the problem.  For example, Atom wiki's CarrotVsOrange page which enumerates the issues listed only server-side platform support information.

Early this morning, I prepended "Server-Side" to that section's title and added another section for client-side.  By 4:30PM, the section has filled up and, although still incomplete, clearly shows some spotty support of PUT and DELETE on the client side.  It's a wonderful display of Wiki power.

There also also the proxy and firewall to consider.  I may create a separate section for that as well if others don't.

Please take a look and help out to complete the section (1.6).