Lineage II

Lineage II is coming.  Lineage was a huge hit in Korea with millions of players taking adventage of broadband network in Korea.  Lineage differs from other MMORPG in that it actively encouraged building large social groups and large scale battles between them (Socialwarfareware!).  Still, the original Lineage was a isometric which is less immersive than full 3D.  Lineage II makes up for it by building on UnrealEngine2 and the result is impressive.

Where the hell is Starbucks in this town?

Check out the Castle Siege gameplay movie (105mb WMV) and others at Lineage II Movies section.  While Lineage battles are smaller than real world battles, it really feels like a real battle with swirling chaos and spirits soaring or plummeting in an eye blink.  Amazing stuff.  It will be interesting to see if Lineage II with it's strong social features can take off in America.