MIT/Stanford Venture Lab Event Tonight

As I mentioned last week, I'll be at Stanford tonight.  Online registration for the event is sold-out but you can still walk-in for a few dollars more.  It starts at 6PM.  Ciao.


It's 9PM and I am back.  I got there a bit late only to find that the first hour was 'social networking' time with food and drink.  I had already eaten dinner, so I stood there with Heinekin in my hand.  Lots of VCs showed up, but even they couldn't quite explain why.

My old VC pal, Robert Simon of Alta Parnters showed up and couldn't explain his presence either.  I asked him if he would invest in a social software and he promptly answered no.  He probably saw that I was about to launch into a fevered pitch.  Heehee.  Gee, Robert. looks awfully like a social software company.

I saw some media folks there too but only Bambi Francisco from MarketWatch caught my eyes.  I gave her some quotes and got her interested in blogging.  Cool.  I would love to see her blog.  Marc Canter was there as well to ask questions.  I gave him one of my Heinekin so he can lube up.

The session itself wasn't that interesting to me.  Nothing new was being talked about although I thought Ross Mayfield explaining wiki as a enterprise software got some people's eyes twinkling.  Jonathan Abrams of Friendster made some funny comments.  Andrew Anker of August Capital, the VC of the panel and a fellow blogger, made some down to earth, post-bubble statements.

Cynthia Typaldos' comment about her group of 4000 marketing professionals being able to meet their social networking needs with just email, blogs, and eGroup.  No special social networking tools needed.  I agree with her.  Social networking in itself is not compelling enough beyond dating.  Social networking is, for most people, passive and incidental activity.  I tried LinkedIn, Friendster, and other social networking services but there was no compelling need for me to keeping going back to it.

I left early because I had to go to restroom and it was too much trouble to crawl back to my seat.  So I acted like I had another important meeting to go to.  Heh.

Reminder to self: get Bambi a blog.  Isn't it funny how I am using my blog as PostIt now?